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Enter one of Manhattan’s best puppy stores, Pet Fashion by Carlos, and enjoy all the pet boutique products and services you could imagine, including the adorable puppy. In fact, they specialize in puppy sales, with many of the popular breeds ranging from Pugs to Pomeranians right there in the store for you to visit and get to know. No matter the custom mix, Pet Fashion by Carlos can special order the perfect dog for you from an AKC certified breeder. They make sure your new puppy has a pedigree certificate, micro-chip and all their vaccinations to ensure you have the healthiest pet you can find.

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We now offer WAGS pet financing, with quick and easy 15 minute approval on the spot.  You can apply online, at home or in our store, and take home your new puppy today!

Custom order any breed you want! Call for more details. 

Come in today to make your pet a star!

  • Puppy Sales

    Are You Ready For Your New Best Friend?
    ....no matter the breed.....
    ...no matter the custom mix...

  • Grooming

    Full Service Pet Grooming
    Walk-Ins from 11am to 4pm
    Appointment Preferred

  • Pet Jewelery

    Check out our unique collars and tags for your pet!


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